January 17, 2012 - third Lostbone album - Ominous will be released under Metal Mundus Records! That same day we will play a concert in Warsaw's Hard Rock Cafe with Ametria and Licorea! And in the meantime - for you - TRAILER with preview of all - twelve songs!

Patrons of the album are: Magazine Guitarist, Bassist magazine, CGM.pl, Rockmetal.pl, Musick Magazine, Ministry of Rock & roll, Overkill.pl, Metal Mundus, Magogo Production.

The album was recorded in the period from July to December 2011 in Warsaw studio SOUND DIVISION under the eyes and ears of two sound engeneers: Arek "Malta" Malczewski and Filip "Heinrich" Hałucha. The mixing and mastering was done by Filip "Heinrich" Hałucha.